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I love to draw Video Games, Cartoons, and weird stuff.

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Hi guys, so I'm just gonna link to a big emotional text dump on FA because it's kinda the only place I can leave long form journal dumps like I used to, and cause this is a place of business I don't want to give you guys the same stuff here. Emotionally I'm all over the place and it does make me worried about the future. 

Special paragraph to Newgrounds people here, I still don't really feel I have a fanbase here. It's kinda like a backup gallery just to make sure I have somewhere else to post art. My work doesn't generate anyone here so I can't really gauge what it is that people want from me. I'm not doing anything that catches people's attentions and a lot of it is because I post links to Patreon stuff rather then full drawn porn that people want. Leaves a bad taste in people's mouth.

What I can say is that my plans for next month Patreon is to do more Animal Crossing stuff again. I'm gonna do a mix of what ever I can. Between finishing up a few of Among Creatures, a few drawings won't be connected to that story line, and I'll try to just do more solo villagers. I wouldn't mind offering a few spots for OC villager sketch drawings either. 

The rest of this week though, is finishing up the Sonic themed drawings I've been working on, and I apologize if I never give you guys enough to make being a patreon of mine worth it. It's very wonderful to have you guys here and connected to my account, and I do wish I could fix my anxiety and give you guys the best that I can.

Thank you for sticking with me, I'll take any feedback that you have to give and I'll do what I can to meet expectations. 




All PayPal fees will be calculated after final totals. I can accept other methods of payment if necessary.

Lineart - $15 

You pick between either pencil lineart or a black solid lineart. It depends on what style you'd prefer as either style is clear and readable.

Flat Colors - $30

Bring your lineart to life with simple flat coloring and an obtuse background.

Full Coloring -$50

When your pic needs to be print ready and able to be used for many other platforms, I love making pics that have great layers of color and crisp lineart. This is the next stage after the Flat Colors.

Additional figures will be 10$ each.

Large Projects

I get often pretty big projects, where commissioners want multiple drawings and stories of their characters. I want to work with you to draw what ever you had envisioned, but these things take time. These big commissions tend to take go through a few months, because I am rather slow. These projects such as Comics and Telegram Stickers also add up to over $100. I ask that you be up front about everything you need from the comic and be patient. Thank you, I would love to work with you.

Mature Themed Full Colored Art

Pretty much you'll get the same top quality as the other levels of coloring for clean artwork, just because they are usually NSFW pics, they are just more expensive. PayPal fee will be calculated after final total. 

Lineart - $20 //Flat Colors - $40//Full Coloring -$60

Extreme Fetish (depending on Fetish)

Acceptable Fetishes: Bondage, humiliation, sub/dom play, gore, violence, plugging, electro play, and anything you might've already seen me draw in my gallery.

I DO NOT like drawing Incest, diapers, child (shota, loli, furry and non furry), birthing or unbirthing, foot, and inflation (maybe more I can’t think about now). You can ask me if I’ll draw it but minimum price starts at 100$ and will go up.

To commit to a commission send me a Notes, PMs, DMs, or what ever contact you have with me.


Digital pictures will be paid in full BEFORE picture will be started. If you must do partial payment let me know before hand. PayPal invoice is preferred but if you have experience with other payment methods (real money only), let us talk about it, I would like to learn.

Due to past instances where people use the lower priced commissions as partial payments for a full colored pic, that is not allowed anymore. You will get charged in full for every new commission order, EVEN if it's of the same image. If you cannot afford to pay in full, be honest about it. I've had people ask for a sketch to have it end up turning into a full priced commission.

I do not get commissions often, so I want to treat them like a nice project I can take my time on. Due to work and life, I will be honest, I have a tendency to drag out a commission waiting period. This is a habit I hate that happens every now and then. I do not want to take longer then 3 months on a piece, but if I do, I allow you to crack the whip at me. I'll do my best to keep you in touch. If you need it rushed, I can indeed rush the image but let me know ahead of time.

I don't mind learning how to copy a style you like, but if you want to commission me I would hope it's because you like the way I draw. If you're asking me to replicate an image to be on model to a pre-exsisting style, it feels a bit disrespectful to my style. I like to experiment, but I would hope you'd like to see your character done the way I would do it, and not the way someone else would.

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