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It really does feel like if you don't draw big boobied ladies getting dicked real hard, your art won't go anywhere. And that's not to say this place isn't a great place, it doesnt hurt to try and exsist amoung this audience but if I up and abanond this place, no one would've known I was here. 

Before I get the negative feedback, I totally know it's because I've not invested myself into the community very well. The lack of attention my account gets is acutally my own fault. I'm not going to leave just because I've been poorly recieved or anything, but I know the people here arn't seeing my work and it's my lack of submissions. There still isn't even a great place to replace tumblr or twitter that I trust right now. I'm still holding out on a few places like Pillowfort and mastadon, until I can tell that the draw there would be just as useful as tumblr is. 

Here's what I'll say about the way NewGrounds feels that doesn't have what tumblr had, is an actual way of finding art through tags, or knowing if your art is being seen at all. Things like the rating system is awesome if you ask me I like it, yet I have NO idea if pics have been rated or not. I put up a pic and it won't get the rateings it needs because noone cares to look at it if it's not of a nintendo character or shows tits and gaping asshole at the same time.

If I wanted to post up vomit and gore, at least tumblr has a weird crowd who was into that because they had a tagging system set up where it was easier to find that shit. FA is still the main hub for now, so I'm also not looking forward to having to go through and upload all that shit from tumblr here... it's a fucking pain. 

Like I said, I'm not giving up, I'm not mad... but I really didn't think I'd go to a place where I saw SO MUCH VAGINA and BOOB that I'd get nausious from it all. And I don't want to get sick of seeing Vag and Boob... but man, where is the Gay art here? How in the world can I find the ugly depressed amputie trans boy who sucks cock from a furry nazi trans woman with rainbow pubes?


...I hope you can tell I'm partially jokeing, but legit... it's a sea of Cumshot drizzled vaginas. I'm already bored.