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Annie-Mae's News

Posted by Annie-Mae - August 17th, 2020

Yeha this is going to be a Two Week forced hiatus. Art will be slow and done when ever it's not over 100 degrees and humid. Mind you this usually happens in August but there won't be a sign of relief until the end of the month...if we're lucky.

But I had to share something over on Subscribe Star>> https://subscribestar.adult/anniemae04

There will be WIP sketches over there of the porn I DID have planned for it if the heat wave didn't hit the way it did. I have no promise what will pop up next but I'm gonna keep trying. Thanks for being patient.



Posted by Annie-Mae - August 11th, 2020

I know it's kinda rude to use new art posts to promote my Gumroad, so here are some links to the New Gumroad Stickers.











Posted by Annie-Mae - August 3rd, 2020

It really does help to get a comment that sort of proves my complaints about this place being anti gay or Dick Phobic

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/annie-mae/the-devil-s-dick Wonderful little comment and 0 star rating.

Oh not mad at this, it's actually funny. Just think of people like this next time I complain that my gay art gets intentionally low rated around here.

(that pic isn't even the best and I should draw a better devil porn, so I will.)

And for the record there are pics I've submitted that HAVE gotten low rated and I'm like good, glad people aren't into the kinks as much as I expect them to be. But rule of thumb: titties get the 5 stars... No titties gets no stars.

One more edit: i do LOVE that this is not as low rated as I expected it to be> https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/annie-mae/olaf-and-anna-candy-fun-patreon

UPDATE: I think this is an actual child and I don't know the rules about accounts like that being allowed here. Is there a way to report minors who don't have their adult filters on?

update: well wrote a PM to the big Tom, not sure what happens next, but kid sort of made a mistake replying to my account... someone who cares about their well being. Don't hang out in adult areas.


Posted by Annie-Mae - July 21st, 2020

Hey, everyone...how's it going?

I must ask these things to see if people here have been cool with what I've given you all.

I only ask two things... Subscribe Star needs MORE love>> https://subscribestar.adult/anniemae04

If I can get like 5 constant subscribers than auto pay is activated.

AND Gumroad is a site that sell things on>> https://gumroad.com/dontpokesmot

I want to send those items to you. They might be a bit expensive but I want to support the USPS and also send you something cool to use how ever you like.

And here's the thing, you don't have to even do any of that. I just want to share it with you guys. Money is tight for everyone now and people are worried about shipping items. So ya know, I'm just glad your following and read this journal. Stay healthy and happy and ask me anything...



Posted by Annie-Mae - June 22nd, 2020

Hey... how's it going... It's actually been too long since an update and I'm pretty sure the next time I write it'll me be ranting about something as usual but I appreciate that I need to just come in when things are going neutral for the time being and give some updates.

If you guys got anything you want to lay down too I'm all to hear about it really. I won't be able to help or be the best resource of good feelings but if you're just interested in chatting that's ok too. No pressure either but at least you read this far so that's cool.

Subscribe Star is where I moved my monthly subscription service to, and even though Patreon is what's popular, I'm leading the way away from it because it's Patreon and mainstream stuff always gets censored 1st. If people are having experiences with other platforms like Pixiv's monthly service I'd like to hear about that too but I'm also not someone who wants to have multiple revenues from different sources. Like I'd post exclusive images to ONE place and try and keep it at ONE location.

Also seems like FA might be trying to have it's own monthly service going. Some people seem to be doing well with the sparklies that they tried to set up here. If people have more information about that I'd like to know about it too. Like how well is that going for some artists?

The monthly themes won't be happening like they did last time for sure but if there is something people who like to see most of when they subscribe to a monthly service I'd like to hear about it too. I sort of still keep it as a HEY here's an exclusive pic because I put some effort into it and it's got some variations of the pic for like a Tip Jar deal. Those pics for more then 5$ seems like a bit much.

As for me... eh guess cause this stupid country is insanely bi-polar I just have to stay in my own little room for the rest of the year like planned but then it's also going to force me to find a job I don't want because "economy can't die" and stupid shit. I'll be getting a bike soon, so that'll be my mode of transportation and I'm looking forward to that. But still the virus is alive and I sure as hell don't like the LITERAL Marxists and Communists that want to start riots because they can... also fuck the stupid racists, fascists, nazi, confederate, trumpers too. Just want to be in the centrist neutral zone where you have no strong feelings one way or another about issues because it halts progress and constant fighting is terrible for the environment. Just stay at home like me and never leave the house... the world was actually a better place when people stayed inside. Live like your cats and dogs, they don't give a shit and sniff butt... Good times.

Commissions are always open too, and maybe what I can do is that people who are subscribers can get like 5$ off the commission price for being a subscriber.


Posted by Annie-Mae - May 12th, 2020

Hey newgrounds, thanks for downvoting my art FASTER then you did the last one. I mean if you want to make this place not look so homophobic then curb your impulse voting.

I mean really you shouldn't be allowed to leave a vote on a pic without commenting on it. I know the quality of my art isn't worth 5 stars but for most of my nude male art to have 3 stars or lower if no votes at all, it's pretty telling why it was voted so low. The only reason the last pic didn't get as low of score as this one was because you got to see boobs.

"OMG this artist can't take negative feedback"

What feedback? Is the downvoting just a way of the basic newgrounds user saying "Fags leave!" ?? Essentially gay male art isn't allowed here without the snide grown from the no homo crowd. There isn't a notification of WHO votes on my art. I have to click on my art to find out how many favs it has. There's almost no need to have a following or a community if people aren't encouraged to leave feedback.

I mean if I'm being followed by trolls so you guys can fap over my little rants then cool. Here's another one. At least on tumblr anon hate was fun sometimes.



Posted by Annie-Mae - March 29th, 2020

SO if you didn't see it already, doing some shameless self promotion the last few days. Getting ready to come back into an arting realm of my life (so long as I don't get caught up with something horrible).

I have my commissions open please just send me a note if you're interested in getting one.

And the previous Patreon exclusive pics of my SU drawings of the gems are now more conveniently more available in a zip file to purchase from Gumroad. This will be something I'll be doing for the other collections I made and if you are currently subscribed in either my Subscribe Star account or my Patreon account, you can DL these packages for Free. (the Patreon will be going away sometime around May - June).

I do wish everyone else good luck in this horrible season we're experiencing and I don't want anyone to feel like they owe me something or give up something they need for themselves. I'm still filled with much doom and gloom about the fragile nature of the future but I gotta keep going and working like there is a future for me. Thanks for reading and I hope you're safe. Take care.



Posted by Annie-Mae - March 10th, 2020

So I'm still pretty crippled about virus stuff I'm just not able to focus on drawing or anything in particular. If that bothers you I don't know what to say. Best I can do is that I sit and do my best to ignore the news but it's really hard. I'm more or less terrified of either getting this virus or having to deal with a loss in the family from it... OR the medical bills that'll come.

Also thinking about if the virus gets to our TERRIBLE leadership, I'm still not sure if the poetic justice will be worth the chaos.

Please if you have a means of making me less insane and more relaxed I'll take it. In the mean while I don't have it in me to force out art for money... I still need the money obviously but I can't commit to anything out of fear...

Just thanks for reading but after the last two journals it feels like people aren't reading these... Which if you're just as terrified I'm sorry too. This is awful and I guess it's like feeling the force... thousands of voices screaming and suddenly silenced. It's just unnerving. Don't read my journals if my own anxiety triggers yours... though you read this far down I'm sorry if it did do such things.



Posted by Annie-Mae - February 26th, 2020

Hi guys, so I'm just gonna link to a big emotional text dump on FA because it's kinda the only place I can leave long form journal dumps like I used to, and cause this is a place of business I don't want to give you guys the same stuff here. Emotionally I'm all over the place and it does make me worried about the future. 

Special paragraph to Newgrounds people here, I still don't really feel I have a fanbase here. It's kinda like a backup gallery just to make sure I have somewhere else to post art. My work doesn't generate anyone here so I can't really gauge what it is that people want from me. I'm not doing anything that catches people's attentions and a lot of it is because I post links to Patreon stuff rather then full drawn porn that people want. Leaves a bad taste in people's mouth.

What I can say is that my plans for next month Patreon is to do more Animal Crossing stuff again. I'm gonna do a mix of what ever I can. Between finishing up a few of Among Creatures, a few drawings won't be connected to that story line, and I'll try to just do more solo villagers. I wouldn't mind offering a few spots for OC villager sketch drawings either. 

The rest of this week though, is finishing up the Sonic themed drawings I've been working on, and I apologize if I never give you guys enough to make being a patreon of mine worth it. It's very wonderful to have you guys here and connected to my account, and I do wish I could fix my anxiety and give you guys the best that I can.

Thank you for sticking with me, I'll take any feedback that you have to give and I'll do what I can to meet expectations. 



Posted by Annie-Mae - January 27th, 2020

So we're getting closer to Animal Crossing release date, and I'm going to try and finish more of Villy's story for sure during the game's events. I'll probably not really be able to tell the whole story before I get invested into playing the game, but I SHOULD attempt to finish up the images that I've had sitting around since last year. 

But THAT'LL be March's theme. Feb's theme is Sonic stuff, in honor of the Sonic movie coming out. It'll possibly be more pin-ups and solo pictures like this Disney month. I'll be avoiding the very youthful characters obviously, which means no Cream, Charmy or Tails. I'll attempt to even do some of the new comic's characters as well, they have some good ones. Please recommend me anything you'd want to see. 

I'll have more Disney things this week, as I'm wrapping up the drawings. The characters I've been doing are unique and I've never really drawn them before. so it is taking a bit to make sure I do them just right. 

Life stuff is ok for now. Making sure I don't get sick and that I attempt to not stay a fat ass who eats all the time... cause that's the hardest part about being an artist. I have a weekend job, it doesn't pay super well, but I'm always thankful for Patreon here. It's just enough to keep going and I don't want to disappoint you guys. Thanks for sticking around. 

If you want to be apart of next month's theme, go ahead and subscribe. For 5$ you get exclusive pics that I don't share to anyone else. The 1$ theme is usually preview images and pics seen before anyone else gets to see> https://www.patreon.com/posts/33499180