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Annie-Mae's News

Posted by Annie-Mae - 3 days ago

It's been a bit since I've written a worth while update. I'm feeling like maybe I can get things back to a normal production schedule. I've had a bit of some emotional hook ups that have slowed me down, and a few physical things that I'm getting treated. Nothing serious at all, but major hold up was developing tennis elbow and spending A LOT of money buying things to improve my work station and set up. I really only took ONE commission this month because I couldn't feel comfortable with taking on projects that I didn't feel like I could finish in a timely manner.

Special notice to Newgrounds people, I see people follow me but I really don't know how to make connections here. This place is just gonna be a back up account because most subject matter of art is fairly tolerated. It's hard to invest in multiple art accounts at once if I'm being honest, and I'm not sure if I can post some of the things I post to FA on here. ANYWAY... if you like my stuff, thanks. I don't know how to use this place to my advantage.

This coming month I have INDEED created a few pics in mind for SubStar exclusive pictures again. Mostly more A! pinups for sure, as most of my Dot pics I've been drawing are gonna end up there. I have an idea of what it is people want from my SubStar this coming month but I've been so slow to produce work that I pretty much ignored it all last two months. It also felt like a lot of people were financially compromised as well, so I think it's for the best to not have made people feel like they needed to support me. Just giving me comments and favs was enough really.

SubStar Link

Here again is the Discord Link to my server> https://discord.gg/EAPc53Ct

Expires in 7 days.

It's been pretty quiet there but it's really just a pit stop to come by and share things ya like.

TODAY there will be another Pictaro Stream where I'll be watching the 90's talking Tom and Jerry Movie while I work on art.

I'm gonna say check back around 3pm Pacific Time if you're interested. Art will be mostly SFW, with maybe some nsfw coloring happening. I like reading your comments so please don't be afraid to speak up. Thanks for reading all of this. Ask questions always.


Posted by Annie-Mae - 2 weeks ago

I really don't mind people giving me negative feedback. Like if there is something wrong with my art, I'll be hurt but I'm doing my best to get stronger from it. Course, I love the praise but when I can sense my work getting stale or something is off, then I'd like to know what the problem is.

It's certainly harder for some people to feel like they can give me feedback and what tends to happen is that I'll hear it but still not take it seriously. Most of my work and technique is all self taught and hard to stop doing the bad techniques. Like I don't reverse my images back and forth, I still allow tangents and muddy silhouettes, and don't really use references when I should use them.

There are certain comments that get me like, "you're drawing a lot of THIS and not a lot of what I want to see" and yeah I get that part. It comes off of more of a "I'll only like your work if you draw my kink" and that feels a disingenuous. When I jump into do a different subject matter it feels weird to have those pics sort of SINK like stones because I gathered a following of people who loved the ONE thing I was doing and don't get the new thing I was doing. I guess, I'm always looking for advice and critique on the CURRENT picture I drew, regardless of subject matter.

For a lot of people I understand it, but then I just look at my art and how I've never really been a great artist. I've always been just a meandering artist with a very amateur style. It's never going to be amazing and I spend a lot of time and energy working on things that don't get me instant adoration and attention and it just makes me feel like giving up... course I can't give up and I really won't give up, but there are certainly things that I've given up on more often then completing them. The time I spend getting the things done which are things that I think will blow people away, just end up getting me back in the same circle of mediocrity that I've always been in.

I do thank people for being around and just lookin... I can't always tell why you like my stuff, and you can certainly say why, but in the end it's still not ... right. It's still all just my own hold ups getting to me. Thanks for readin.



Posted by Annie-Mae - December 31st, 2020

IT'S the end of 2020, really I don't expect next year to be too much better. There are still lots of hurdles and mountains to climb after the battle we had this year. I said on twitter, it's like we're fighting DBZ villains here, we won some battles but they were hiding their power level all along. I think we're in the stages of beating the Ginyu Force tho, there's still a few extra filler episodes before we get to the worst of it. (We're going to get turned into a frog at some point I guess).

I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing. Next year is another day doing what I want to do. Even if there will be backlash, there will be more Animaniacs/Warner stuff because I have TOOOO much of that stuff that I've been drawing. So, I'll work on that and it does feel like I can sort of 'end' it without leaving too many loose ends (I say hopefully).

I'm very thankful for the Subscribe Star people too, even if I'm not the best person to subscribe to. I'm still keeping that 5$, I don't plan to do more or less, but until it feels like it's not the best place to use anymore.

Commission prices WILL go up because I feel like my work is higher valued for the work I'm giving people now. I currently don't have a real job because ART is the job. I didn't take any new commissions in December was me just combating between willy nilly fanart madness and the commissions I owed people. I did get asked but when the new prices are up, hopefully the same people will bite on them. What's the increase? Maybe 5$, I took them down at the start of the year, so they'll be going back up to what I had back in the day.

The nice thing I can say is that I thank people who are still here and are cool with me being a dumb dumb. I'm getting my health together and I'm able to do what I want. I'm always thankful my friends are healthy and safe, and even you aren't a friend, please stay safe and cozy. Lets keep training for the next battle!



Posted by Annie-Mae - December 21st, 2020

https://twitch.tv/anniemae04 < PART 2 streaming at 4pm (hopefully no delays). Continuing on with Earthbound Halloween hack. Please check it out and chat.


Posted by Annie-Mae - November 21st, 2020

I'm planning on streaming Animaniacs Genesis game today cause I forgot to do it yesterday but I had to watching all the shitty new episodes of the new show... which I couldn't even really "watch"... I skimmed most of the show. And I'll sort of explain why its difficult to watch during the stream... at least I hope I can keep my attention focused on the show and the game at the same time.

It will be on twitch about 3-4pm CA time here> https://www.twitch.tv/anniemae04

BUT the other question is what is the preferred NSFW platform streamers like to use? Pictaro is the one I see most people use but if there are other better art streaming services that could be recommended I'd like to know. I think there was a few others but if someone has sort of a run down on what is the best NSFW streaming service, that would be cool. I should start using these other platforms for art because Twitch is kinda shitting the bed on art streaming or streaming in general.

Update: OH hey! had a good turn out and that was cool. I posted the video of the play through on youtube here> https://youtu.be/O0GNMmpJEE0

It's not the best if I'm being honest, I fucked up the gameplay a bit and lost my train of thought a lot, but if you're patient with me I hope you find amusement with it. Thanks very much for giving it a chance and a watch. Also please talk to me about this show if you'd like... I still am very upset about it, but ultimately I'm not the producers or the CEOs... those people are to blame.



Posted by Annie-Mae - November 4th, 2020

I've made a few statements around on other galleries so I'll say it here, knowing that this place tends to be right leaning and centrist (which I'm usually centrist), but if anyone shows an iota of support for Trump or the GOP, then I'm blocking you out of my existence. We're at a stage I don't think I can tolerate a lot of these people anymore, and most people are going to be "isn't that harsh?" We're in this problem now because we let these people have a place to feel comfortable... I'm not dealing with it at all anymore.


Posted by Annie-Mae - October 26th, 2020

So I am a bit behind on my cocktober pics, and it's going to be like I need to get a pic done a day in order to keep my quota. Honestly I sort of lost count and not sure WHAT counts to some people. I'm counting visible cocks.

And you may be like, I havn't seen all these cocks you're talking about. A few of them are Subscribe Star exclusives and won't be shown publicly. Pics like the Devil and Turbo Rad have cocks on Subscribe Star.

https://subscribestar.adult/anniemae04 << Please check it out!

Not sure what theme will be next month and I've been trying to avoid themes. I do suspect that I'll have December be Undertale and Deltarune again. Seems like that's been my go to just because it's fun to draw all of them again for the winter seasons. I'll do some characters I haven't drawn yet for sure. I'll have to commit to moving all the Undertale pics from Patreon over to a Zip folder to sell on Gumroad instead.

Next month will be a slow down in the 1st week only because I have commissions I HAVE to finish up during that time, and I'm gravely worried about the election results. Part of that anxiety of being stuck in the same shitty situation we've had for TOO long and no since of justice being given to the criminals who keep trying to kill us... If you follow my twitter I get pretty political too but YA KNOW... just keeping my guard high for being let down again. I'm not going to stomach Drump supporters anymore even if you're "nice", it's been like living in a domestic abuse situation at this point.

ANYWAY! Keep sticking around here and thanks for being patient with me. I do what I can when I can, and I'm getting pretty busy. It's stressful but nice none the less.


Posted by Annie-Mae - August 17th, 2020

Yeha this is going to be a Two Week forced hiatus. Art will be slow and done when ever it's not over 100 degrees and humid. Mind you this usually happens in August but there won't be a sign of relief until the end of the month...if we're lucky.

But I had to share something over on Subscribe Star>> https://subscribestar.adult/anniemae04

There will be WIP sketches over there of the porn I DID have planned for it if the heat wave didn't hit the way it did. I have no promise what will pop up next but I'm gonna keep trying. Thanks for being patient.



Posted by Annie-Mae - August 11th, 2020

I know it's kinda rude to use new art posts to promote my Gumroad, so here are some links to the New Gumroad Stickers.











Posted by Annie-Mae - August 3rd, 2020

It really does help to get a comment that sort of proves my complaints about this place being anti gay or Dick Phobic

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/annie-mae/the-devil-s-dick Wonderful little comment and 0 star rating.

Oh not mad at this, it's actually funny. Just think of people like this next time I complain that my gay art gets intentionally low rated around here.

(that pic isn't even the best and I should draw a better devil porn, so I will.)

And for the record there are pics I've submitted that HAVE gotten low rated and I'm like good, glad people aren't into the kinks as much as I expect them to be. But rule of thumb: titties get the 5 stars... No titties gets no stars.

One more edit: i do LOVE that this is not as low rated as I expected it to be> https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/annie-mae/olaf-and-anna-candy-fun-patreon

UPDATE: I think this is an actual child and I don't know the rules about accounts like that being allowed here. Is there a way to report minors who don't have their adult filters on?

update: well wrote a PM to the big Tom, not sure what happens next, but kid sort of made a mistake replying to my account... someone who cares about their well being. Don't hang out in adult areas.