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I don't know why I'm here

Posted by Annie-Mae - March 25th, 2019

Hey Newgrounds... I can't really tell what's going on here sometimes. I just don't feel like I'm able to fit in and I'm loosing the energy to keep this place up to date. Place is great, but it feels like I'm trying to swim against the currents. This place isn't even bad and I sort of hoped that I could make the switch here 100%, but it's just not working out. This place still needs a lot of interface settings that I've been used to from other places.

The rating system needs a lot of work. It took way too long for my last picture to get 5 people to vote on it, then to find out that it only got a 2.5/5. Which, ok fine, I'll accept that it sucks, but there is no clear way to tell WHAT about the pic makes it a 2.5/5. Is it the subject matter, is it the quality of the art? Like if you're gonna have a rating system, insist that the user comment in order to give a rating, or have different types of ratings?

I can't see who favs my art. How in the world can I see who my audience is when there aren't notifications that tell me WHO likes my art. Yeah, I mean I get notifications when someone follows but that's not helpful, they're called lurkers... empty accounts that just allow them to see the porn. It's the same deal with pixiv or FA, but at least when someone favs my work on every other website, I get a notification about it. There is not a way for me to see that unless I click EACH picture and click the small number that says "favs". I NEED notifications to tell me when I get a fav or a rating on my work, because THIS would make so much of a difference to me. (if this setting exists, I have no idea how to activate it, so please help.)

It might be even that I can't check this account on multiple computers either. I have to relog in every time, and I guess that's great for security reasons,... but I'm not someone who has to worry about that stuff... yet... What that means though is that I can only stay up to date on this community when I'm on ONE computer and not on my cell phone.

Look, I sort of know what people want here, there was a hope that most people would eventually come at accept furry art and other weird shit, but I'm not seeing it... Basically this place isn't Pixiv or tumblr and I don't want to make Pixiv my main porn account (and I'm not going back to Tumblr).

I still blame myself though, dudes, because I'm not actually uploading art and because my art flow is so slow, people forget that I exist. I'm pretty close to just leaving this account as it stands still until further notice... Right now it is still a safe place to upload porn, but people aren't going out of their way to look at my work here. Think most of it is that this place is great and I don't fit in because I can't ever be as great as the other artists around here... I can't compete...

Thanks to the few people who comment and love my work. This isn't the end here, but more or less I'm looking for a better place at this point.

Remember I have Twitch and Twitter if you need to know what's going on with me.