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Newgrounds, you're WEAKER!

Posted by Annie-Mae - May 12th, 2020

Hey newgrounds, thanks for downvoting my art FASTER then you did the last one. I mean if you want to make this place not look so homophobic then curb your impulse voting.

I mean really you shouldn't be allowed to leave a vote on a pic without commenting on it. I know the quality of my art isn't worth 5 stars but for most of my nude male art to have 3 stars or lower if no votes at all, it's pretty telling why it was voted so low. The only reason the last pic didn't get as low of score as this one was because you got to see boobs.

"OMG this artist can't take negative feedback"

What feedback? Is the downvoting just a way of the basic newgrounds user saying "Fags leave!" ?? Essentially gay male art isn't allowed here without the snide grown from the no homo crowd. There isn't a notification of WHO votes on my art. I have to click on my art to find out how many favs it has. There's almost no need to have a following or a community if people aren't encouraged to leave feedback.

I mean if I'm being followed by trolls so you guys can fap over my little rants then cool. Here's another one. At least on tumblr anon hate was fun sometimes.



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So if anyone is giving your male nude art a low score there just written off and judge homophobic?

Sounds really insecure to me. Maybe they just had an opinion and didn't like it, not everyone's going to like the same thing. You have fans here that show's people do like your art. Personally I looked at some of your art and thought it was good even the male nude stuff.

So just keep doing what you love, but on a personal level I just don't appreciate the projection that people are homophobic here if they give a low score, that's just mean to me. Newgrounds is a great place that wants to support artist hence the name "Newgrounds" "everything by everyone".

I can respect if you have an opinion not liking something so if you don't like it here that's fine. So there's my thoughts....... Welp

Heheh, the Lurkers come alive when ever someone challenges the moral compass of this website. And I did indeed write this expecting comments like this. Newground supporters talk the big talk about a strong community, and cooperation, yet it still has this underbelly of restricting who gets to post here and how accepted they'll be.

If you feel like this complaint comes from a place of personal insecurity you can keep thinking that but I've been around the internet since 2002 and I've been on so many websites and dealt with equally debilitating backlash over my art. Lurkers come and go and I've learned to cope with it the best I can cause all it's taught me is to avoid getting attached. Stay the loner, post art and give thanks to the flies that hover around to enjoy it.

For a character like Villy, who's been fairly popular for many years on my other galleries to be received so poorly here leaves me skeptical about the nature of this website's user base. It's an endless sea of boobs and women sucking cock and I certainly can believe that people wanted to see a villager get his ass pounded by a futa Isabelle and were disappointed it was only a cock tease.

And there are plenty of reasons for the pic to be downvoted, I get it, but for the voting system to allow complete anonymity down vote art without feedback is frustrating for an artists growth and experience. Youtube is the only other website that allows users to downvote without comments and we know that place sucks. All I'm asking is that if someone is going to vote on a picture be it 5 stars or a 0 Star, that they are required to comment on it 1st.

calm down


"34 years old"

You'll be me too one day... OLD.

@Annie-Mae that defeats the whole purpose of the newgrounds art portal. voting is supposed to be quick and easy, so the top ranking stuff is quickly updated according to votes and views. the caveat of this system is, as you say, that it isn't very helpful if no reviews are given and just an average rating of 0-5 stars. i however also believe that just making a review for the sake of voting isn't always helpful either, most people aren't very well versed in how to review art and would just state garbage gibberish. we aren't working with high arts academic doctorate people here on newgrounds (and that's fine imo)

i would also like to note that i haven't seen your art before, and while just skimming through some images rn i notice that you have a pretty low amount numbers of votes (some lower than 10), and that makes it hard to make a statement if your votes are representative of newgrounds as a whole or you're just unlucky and gained a couple of lurkers downvoting your stuff (maybe a few high-leveled users with lots of voting power?). i fully understand how that is still very frustrating.

also, i am pretty sure newgrounds userbase is more than 90% male, and if that isn't gay i don't know what. i know that henryEYES is propably gay nonetheless.

Guess I missed the memo on the purpose of the rating system. I appreciate that top art is sfw stuff, so I'm referring just only to NSFW stuff which won't show up on the main page.

People won't leave bad reviews if they have to have their name associated with their trolling shit talk. If they come by to leave a 0 star rating and comment "fuck you" then that's how they want to live and I think they should have to bare the burden of being known as a shit poster or troll.

Now I can't speak for artists who loose their shit over ONE bad shit post, but if I'm supposed to create work for ME and just put it up online for others to see, getting the artwork body slammed with a 0 rating by some random hater is enough to discourage anyone from sticking around here.

To be completely fair, I gave you 3 stars on art you made that also wasn't related to men.

neutral rating on art that is gay =/= homophobia

Very weak minded take

I've never seen you before but you taking the bait sort of proves who really is the weak minded person.

I like how nobody in the comments addressed the phenomenon of ONLY your art of naked men getting down-voted. I spent a lot of time on here in college and while it's open to anyone there's definitely one kind of person that Newgrounds attracts. It'd be acceptable if only their behaviour wasn't exactly contradictory to the aims and mottoes of the site.

@sonic354 @Annie-Mae So you're telling me you wasted your time making up paragraphs because of someone rating your art pieces 3 stars IRONICALLY?

It's not time wasted when we start the conversation. :)

@sonic354 @Annie-Mae @Annie-Mae 4/10 attempt at whatever you was trying. I'm going to go complain somewhere else.

@Annie-Mae yeah, the system is from how tom fulp had to manually upload content he enjoyed on the page submitted by people back in the day. although i think the featured art on the main page (except p-bot's daily picks?) is still chosen manually, based on trending content.

people will pretty surely leave shit reviews nonetheless, there's lots of lurkers that have no skin in the game and they are by all accounts anonymous.

I mean you can't expect everyone to like everything. I know furries and my little pony stuff is still hated here, But as long as you do it. getting whatever score really shouldnt matter