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Little Update Journal About whatever

Posted by Annie-Mae - June 22nd, 2020

Hey... how's it going... It's actually been too long since an update and I'm pretty sure the next time I write it'll me be ranting about something as usual but I appreciate that I need to just come in when things are going neutral for the time being and give some updates.

If you guys got anything you want to lay down too I'm all to hear about it really. I won't be able to help or be the best resource of good feelings but if you're just interested in chatting that's ok too. No pressure either but at least you read this far so that's cool.

Subscribe Star is where I moved my monthly subscription service to, and even though Patreon is what's popular, I'm leading the way away from it because it's Patreon and mainstream stuff always gets censored 1st. If people are having experiences with other platforms like Pixiv's monthly service I'd like to hear about that too but I'm also not someone who wants to have multiple revenues from different sources. Like I'd post exclusive images to ONE place and try and keep it at ONE location.

Also seems like FA might be trying to have it's own monthly service going. Some people seem to be doing well with the sparklies that they tried to set up here. If people have more information about that I'd like to know about it too. Like how well is that going for some artists?

The monthly themes won't be happening like they did last time for sure but if there is something people who like to see most of when they subscribe to a monthly service I'd like to hear about it too. I sort of still keep it as a HEY here's an exclusive pic because I put some effort into it and it's got some variations of the pic for like a Tip Jar deal. Those pics for more then 5$ seems like a bit much.

As for me... eh guess cause this stupid country is insanely bi-polar I just have to stay in my own little room for the rest of the year like planned but then it's also going to force me to find a job I don't want because "economy can't die" and stupid shit. I'll be getting a bike soon, so that'll be my mode of transportation and I'm looking forward to that. But still the virus is alive and I sure as hell don't like the LITERAL Marxists and Communists that want to start riots because they can... also fuck the stupid racists, fascists, nazi, confederate, trumpers too. Just want to be in the centrist neutral zone where you have no strong feelings one way or another about issues because it halts progress and constant fighting is terrible for the environment. Just stay at home like me and never leave the house... the world was actually a better place when people stayed inside. Live like your cats and dogs, they don't give a shit and sniff butt... Good times.

Commissions are always open too, and maybe what I can do is that people who are subscribers can get like 5$ off the commission price for being a subscriber.