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Dick Phobic Newgrounds Proof/ Minors on Newgrounds Apparently

Posted by Annie-Mae - August 3rd, 2020

It really does help to get a comment that sort of proves my complaints about this place being anti gay or Dick Phobic

https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/annie-mae/the-devil-s-dick Wonderful little comment and 0 star rating.

Oh not mad at this, it's actually funny. Just think of people like this next time I complain that my gay art gets intentionally low rated around here.

(that pic isn't even the best and I should draw a better devil porn, so I will.)

And for the record there are pics I've submitted that HAVE gotten low rated and I'm like good, glad people aren't into the kinks as much as I expect them to be. But rule of thumb: titties get the 5 stars... No titties gets no stars.

One more edit: i do LOVE that this is not as low rated as I expected it to be> https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/annie-mae/olaf-and-anna-candy-fun-patreon

UPDATE: I think this is an actual child and I don't know the rules about accounts like that being allowed here. Is there a way to report minors who don't have their adult filters on?

update: well wrote a PM to the big Tom, not sure what happens next, but kid sort of made a mistake replying to my account... someone who cares about their well being. Don't hang out in adult areas.


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Well done on getting that sorted out... The ratings system makes me a bit nervous and I wish that there was a single flag that I could set to mark content as NSFW, instead of jumping through hoops to bump that M up to an A.
I wish I had something to say about the discrepancy in your ratings. Newgrounds was built on immaturity, and I don't know if that can be changed without Newgrounds becoming something else entirely...

The staff does want to make it so that Minors have a more difficult time creating accounts here and if you have your age set that you can't see the adult work. I'm on FA and they've had that system for a while now, but if NG is going to compete with youtube then they need to start putting those things up to avoid minors getting involved with the NSFW material.

Complains about boobs being directed at men -- makes gay art directed at men.

Seriously why are naked men never targeted at women as the prime audience?

We got a surge of women when tumblr Deported their NSFW artist, and more deported refugee migrate caravans when youtube purged anything with the word luna. We'll be depend on other websites for our growth if we don't encourage reproducing with in our own website's population:)

Oh i do both really. I'm a chick, love me the dicks which is why i draw so much male nudes. Not enough girls looking for big dick art around here I'm guessing.

Cock joke