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Annie-Mae's News

Posted by Annie-Mae - February 18th, 2019

Guess I'll do my best to write an update seeing how it's been a while and I get caught up in hating myself and the world around me for the most part. 

Still feeling the effects of banning myself from tumblr. I'm not banned from tumblr but I really can't bring myself to start over on that shit hole website again. Though that doesn't mean that I don't feel the effects of detaching myself from it. It's pretty much the same website just I have all these notifications that certain porno pics have been blocked from normal viewing and it's shit I don't want to deal with or delete... I think I can get some way to unblock them, but it's more work then I want to deal with.

So though I am completely aware that most of my dead activities is because I'm just not producing a lot of new art. I've never been a daily artist. I can draw and work on something once a day, but I tend to love time to do other things... most of them just sitting and watching shit and wasting time. 

So lets go over the Patreon situation... I know those pics are just sitting there not really getting the audience they would have because I cencore them from the public. I'm still gonna stick to my guns and keep those pics as private as I can. I feel that if I can get enough patreon people to support me there, I'd be more willing to post them to the public later...though I know the stuff I make isn't that good sadly. You're never going to get the top quality stuff that other artists put out for 5$ or less. I just need help with income in anyway possible. 

The last two commissions I have are big comics which I hope that I can complete in a fashionable time period. I can always do small Ko-Fi commissios but I need to bust out those comics for now. 

I will start streaming again... Currently I'll do art and SFW stuff over on Twitch, and then when I get set up for Pictaro, I'll let you know. I ask you guys, [b]what's the best way to let you folks know that I'm streaming? With a journal or a pic? [/b]I'll delete the notifications when I'm done, but if you want a sure fire way to be aware of my streaming, my SFW art twitter will be the place to find out>> https://twitter.com/SmotMae 

There will be days that I do Ko-Fi requests there, so just keep that in mind. As for the Pictaro NSFW streams, you'll see it pop-up at some point, just currently Twitch and SFW stuff is what I'll do. 

My life personally... still shitty. Job is like a dieing corpse and the only good thing is that my boss doesn't give a shit that I draw most of the time. I still hate conservative trump supporters and they could do me a favor and shut up about how millienals ruin shit. I'm still fat and dieing and I don't have much of a drive to do better for myself because I have high standards when it comes to friends, and I'm too self loathing to let people close to me because I feel like they're gonna betray my trust anyway...

Other then that it's another day being me...I hope you're all ok.



Posted by Annie-Mae - February 2nd, 2019

Read the post on Patreon here> https://www.patreon.com/posts/24404295

So what is to be expected in this month of February. The theme seems to be split between Steven Universe AND Animal Crossing, so this is what is going to happen. I did want to draw a few SU pics, mostly of White Diamond, Amethyst, Jasper, and maybe some other characters that I like the most. Honestly I know people don't come to me for SU stuff, but I will repost things and I want to gush over their designs, even though I hate the show.

For the Animal Crossing stuff, I actually now have access to my external HD again so that I can effectively repost a few old pics that I hadn't finished yet. I want to be able to scan in a few comics I started that I never finished and show those off (they'll be 1$ tier). There will be reposting in the 1$ tier, but for the most part I will try and have something new to share. 

I am going to cut away the higher tiers because I don't think I can do anything that'll warrant people paying THAT much for my art, even if it won awards. People just tend to be cheap, so I'm gonna give full color access to the Colored Jevil pic to the 5$ people, and you'll get an update when that happens. 

The Discount code to the Gumroad store will be given to people in the 5$ category, but I'll make that a separate post when I do some math about it. It won't be that much because shipping DOES take up so much of the final expenses, but I will say 10% off the final price for people with Patreon with the codes (I also need to set up said code). 

Other then that I hope I'm doing you guys a good service. Due to my own brain, and slowness I'm sorry I can't be the best poster. I do hope I can make this short month better for everyone. Let me know what you'd like to see in the future.



Posted by Annie-Mae - February 1st, 2019

Please go check out all the great stuff I added up over on my GumRoad shop with IRL prints, stickers and charms for sale. This would be a great help for me as I'm gonna need help paying some expenses. I really do want to send these things out to people because sitting in my room they just collect dust... 

GumRoad>> https://gumroad.com/dontpokesmot





Posted by Annie-Mae - December 29th, 2018

It really does feel like if you don't draw big boobied ladies getting dicked real hard, your art won't go anywhere. And that's not to say this place isn't a great place, it doesnt hurt to try and exsist amoung this audience but if I up and abanond this place, no one would've known I was here. 

Before I get the negative feedback, I totally know it's because I've not invested myself into the community very well. The lack of attention my account gets is acutally my own fault. I'm not going to leave just because I've been poorly recieved or anything, but I know the people here arn't seeing my work and it's my lack of submissions. There still isn't even a great place to replace tumblr or twitter that I trust right now. I'm still holding out on a few places like Pillowfort and mastadon, until I can tell that the draw there would be just as useful as tumblr is. 

Here's what I'll say about the way NewGrounds feels that doesn't have what tumblr had, is an actual way of finding art through tags, or knowing if your art is being seen at all. Things like the rating system is awesome if you ask me I like it, yet I have NO idea if pics have been rated or not. I put up a pic and it won't get the rateings it needs because noone cares to look at it if it's not of a nintendo character or shows tits and gaping asshole at the same time.

If I wanted to post up vomit and gore, at least tumblr has a weird crowd who was into that because they had a tagging system set up where it was easier to find that shit. FA is still the main hub for now, so I'm also not looking forward to having to go through and upload all that shit from tumblr here... it's a fucking pain. 

Like I said, I'm not giving up, I'm not mad... but I really didn't think I'd go to a place where I saw SO MUCH VAGINA and BOOB that I'd get nausious from it all. And I don't want to get sick of seeing Vag and Boob... but man, where is the Gay art here? How in the world can I find the ugly depressed amputie trans boy who sucks cock from a furry nazi trans woman with rainbow pubes?


...I hope you can tell I'm partially jokeing, but legit... it's a sea of Cumshot drizzled vaginas. I'm already bored.


Posted by Annie-Mae - December 4th, 2018


Clean Sketch 10$ a figure 
Sketches that are really refined drawings, that aren't messy or wispy. You can ask for a few edits if I did something wrong or missed out on something. The PayPal Fee is 2$

Flat Ink 20$ per figure
This is for a simple lineart with black ink. You'll be able to get a solid drawing of your figures at a reasonable price without the flash of a full image. PayPal Fee is 2$.

Flat Ink 30$ per figure
Finish off your inked drawing with flat coloring. PayPal Fee is 2$.

Loose Coloring >> $40 + $10 per extra character
I do a lot of abstract and wispy pics that don't usually have a lot of attention to detail and polish to them. Those pics tend to be less stressful and more free form coloring. If you like those pictures, I open that style of coloring for you, where the lineart is messy and the shading is obtuse. PayPal fee will be calculated after final total. 

Fine Coloring >> $50 + $10 per extra character
When your pic needs to be print ready and able to be used for many other platforms, I love making pics that have great layers of color and crisp lineart. This is the next stage after the Flat Colors. PayPal fee will be calculated after final total. 

Large Projects>> $60 +Additional Fees
I get often pretty big projects, where commissioners want multiple drawings or complex scenarios. I want to work with you to draw what ever you had envisioned, but these things take time and I don't get a chance to take smaller commissions on the side because of it. I want you to know that most of those projects hit over 60$ easily. Conditions include more then 2 characters, specific backgrounds, three layers of shading and coloring. We will need to go over everything you want with details.PayPal fee will be calculated after final total. 

Mature Themed Full Colored Art
*Adds 5$ to any simple drawing
*Adds 10$ to any full color drawing

Pretty much you'll get the same top quality as the other levels of coloring for clean artwork, just because they are usually NSFW pics, they are just more expensive. PayPal fee will be calculated after final total. 

Extreme Fetish (depending on Fetish)
Acceptable Fetishes: Bondage, humiliation, sub/dom play, gore, violence, plugging, electro play, and anything you might've already seen me draw in my gallery.

I DO NOT like drawing Incest, diapers, child (shota, loli, furry and non furry), birthing or unbirthing, foot, and inflation (maybe more I can’t think about now). You can ask me if I’ll draw it but minimum price starts at 150$ and will go up.

To commit to a commission send me a Notes, PMs, DMs, or what ever contact you have with me.


Digital pictures will be paid in full BEFORE picture will be started. PayPal invoice is preferred but if you have experience with other payment methods (real money only), let us talk about it, I would like to learn.

Due to past instances where people use the lower priced commissions as partial payments for a full colored pic, that is not allowed anymore. You will get charged in full for every new commission order, EVEN if it's of the same image. If you cannot afford to pay in full, be honest about it. Sometimes I am ok with partial payments if you tell me up front about your financial situation, but far too often I've had people ask for a sketch to have it end up turning into a full priced commission.

I do not get commissions often, so I want to treat them like a nice project I can take my time on. Due to work and life, I will be honest, I have a tendency to drag out a commission waiting period. This is a habit I hate that happens every now and then. I do not want to take longer then 3 months on a piece, but if I do, I allow you to crack the whip at me. I'll do my best to keep you in touch. If you need it rushed, I can indeed rush the image but let me know ahead of time.

I don't mind learning how to copy a style you like, but if you want to commission me I would hope it's because you like the way I draw. If you're asking me to replicate an image to be on model to a pre-exsisting style, it feels a bit disrespectful to my style. I like to experiment, but I would hope you'd like to see your character done the way I would do it, and not the way someone else would.


Posted by Annie-Mae - November 26th, 2018

Please go Vote, I have it open to the public about what theme people would like to see over on my Patreon. Choices will be recycled so what doesn’t win THIS month will still on a vote for next month, except for the result of last month.

Remember that these pics will be 5$ 18+ sketches, and I pick the subject at random. I might have 1$ polls set up more often for things like what people would like to see more, but for now this is how I’m running it. Censored versions will still be submitted around in public.